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Covid19 Response

First of all I'd like to thank everyone for their patience and continued support of my little shop in downtown Covington. It's been a challenge to navigate the current global crisis and I truly appreciate everyone who is supporting small businesses during all this. We are currently remaining closed for in person shopping. We're doing… Continue reading Covid19 Response


Subscription Boxes

So here's an idea 💡 We've been thinking about a monthly subscription box, with different options for how long your subscription will last. In your little box each month you'll receive surprise items from Lucy’s, NOLAS and/or Fleur de Light Candles. Items to pamper, new release items to try, it's a jam packed box of… Continue reading Subscription Boxes

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Lucy’s CBD Line-up

Exciting new CBD items are being added to the Lucy's line up! First off we've got bath bombs! 100% natural and dye free, these are synergistic with the essential oils used to aid in relaxation, pain relief and restful sleep. Next up we've got CBD infused deodorant! This is a brand new formulation I've been… Continue reading Lucy’s CBD Line-up

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What’s the Deal with Lucy’s No Offense Deodorant?

Here at Lucy's we sell a LOT of deodorant, and often we get asked the same questions! Today I'm going to try to answer some of the most common questions for ya 😉 Q1. Is it white? Do you make one that isn't white? A1. Yup, it's white in the tube and will look a… Continue reading What’s the Deal with Lucy’s No Offense Deodorant?

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Grand Opening Was…

A BLAST!!! We'll be open for all the block parties for sure! Didn't get many pics because we were so busy, but here's a couple. The Boba Bar was a huge hit and sold out completely! My geode crystal bombs also are almost sold out! I'm making lots of soaps and bath bombs this week!… Continue reading Grand Opening Was…