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Lucy’s CBD Line-up

Exciting new CBD items are being added to the Lucy’s line up!

First off we’ve got bath bombs! 100% natural and dye free, these are synergistic with the essential oils used to aid in relaxation, pain relief and restful sleep.

Next up we’ve got CBD infused deodorant! This is a brand new formulation I’ve been cooking up that incorporates lots of things you’ve all been asking for. Vegan, natural, allergen aware, baking soda free, PLUS CBD and yes, it really works! Adding CBD to a warm area of the body helps it absorb that much better 😘💚

I’ve been a busy bee spending lots of time in the lab testing new recipes! Coming soon we’ll have CBD lip balms, muscle rub, face cream, eye cream, serum, massage oil and tattoo salve! PLUS my own line of CBD tinctures!

I’ve also stocked an amazing line up of products from Pure Hemp Botanicals! These are Colorado grown goodies; teas, mints, tinctures and softgels are currently available, with another shipment arriving next week that will include their CBD Frost 😊

Back in La La Land we will be offering CBD FACIALS!! This is sure to be the most rejuvenating and relaxing facial you have ever experienced! I’m first in line for one 😂💚 Lauren and I are both so excited to offer this cutting edge facial experience!

Thanks for reading! It’s an awesome time here at Lucy’s, so be sure to stop in and see us soon! 😘

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